Typically this tea is only shipped off to a few customers of the estate including a company in Japan, a company based out of London and one company based out of the USA, but if you really want to try to some of this tea make an adventure out of it and go to Darjeeling and see the world for once through the perspective of a tea plantation developer. Sometimes when this tea gets really high in demand the price of it per kilogram can sky rocket and make it one of the most expensive teas in the world, so if you want to get a kilogram of this tea then you need to make sure you’re purchasing it at the proper time, because when there are more than the normal three buyers of this tea and average price rises the price per kilogram can be as high as $1,850.

One of the best style of teas that comes from China has got to be the oolong tea, and although there are hundreds of different types of oolong tea that you can find all throughout China one of the very best brands of this type of teas is Tieguanyin, which has a very historical name for a type of tea. Its name is a tribute to Guanyin who just so happens to be the Goddess of Mercy, and trust us when we say that if you like this tea than God have mercy on your soul because you’re going to get hooked and start spending all the money you have just to keep a steady supply of this tea around in your life, but it really is some of the best aged tea the world has to offer. There are a couple old legends about this tea and how it originated and one of these stories is very similar to Jack and The Bean Stalk, so you know that Chinese people really consider this tea to be magical and have some kind of mystical power of some sorts that makes it one of the best the country has to offer the market. This tea is typically priced at all sorts of different price ranges, but the purest and best form of Tieguanyin is usually around three thousand dollars per kilogram, which is why it is one of the most expensive aged teas in the entire world.

The next great expensive aged tea the world has to offer comes from another, much smaller Asian country with the country of Singapore offering their Yellow Gold Tea Buds. The reason why they have their name is because this tea is literally coated with real gold and it looks like it too, it’s actually golden tea. It’s almost so nice that you don’t want to drink it because it’s so cool looking, but it’s actually a tea that tastes so amazing that you won’t be able to get enough of it once you start drinking it. What’s really cool about this tea is that it is only harvested for one day each year and it’s only grown in one particular place. It is extremely expensive and usually is around three thousand dollars per kilogram.